How to display my work (2021)

painting / drawing/ text is my practice for the book

“Would you like to do an exhibition with me?”

I felt my heartbeat stop a second, and later days I fall into deeper sadness place.
Yes, I want, I never forget the desire of making things, even it’s hard to distinguish what it is, maybe it’s arty action? I don’t know.

Little by little, as raising flowers growing up, I find the clear space again.

I had a very busy working day last year, sinking into commercial work and getting closer to what the people want. I am enjoying the new challenge and reassemble all my awareness of the things around me. I am getting stronger, feeling less, walking slowly which is a fresh experience for me.

But what bothers me always basic questions, for example, what you want? What things make you happy? It isn’t straightforward for me to compare which one is better or suit for me; it depends on which level satisfy the needs. I try to understand the real shape of the world and the relationship between us, and I have my answer now.

For construction of the book, I start painting begin at watercolour on the paper, which took me three days for quick paint just like telling simple thing quickly. Following intuition, painting / drawing/ text is my practice for the book.

I don’t have much time for writing, and I don’t want to talk with you.

Do you know why? It’s useless for showing what follows is a series of ways to observe and make diary about my exhibition, what the point is: “the end of the air”, currently on show begins in this way, introducing one sense over others ‘we are claiming to open up?’

On touching, the text of this review also begins with such caution, tools that point or mark, the works talk on a role somewhere between gallery, website and visual medium.

[ 2. Glass by a thread]

A series of diary and observations that follow from the works shown:

Fragile diograma
Projection tube
Romantic conquests
Curatorial placement
Word writing

Each drawing represented resemble glass by a thread.
Or do they?

The medium of art writing is hard to understand even for myself, to deliver the message to anyone. It’s just like a building wall for our existent and adjustment more than to expressed meanings.



[ 4. A study of drawing between smelling and touching]

But, did I know about these things when I drew the line on the paper? Perhaps when I found my description  extended my handwriting tracing a line through the arguments already forming in my imagination.

[ 5. Language ]

The original act of painting the line was a private experience transport undifferentiated from the resistance of the drawing stable continuity of everyday life.
We will be able to bring our results to a non-artistic events in immediate experience to against concepts of art, must remain – encompasses everything.