Through ______ weakness


I told Ying a few days ago that I haven't kept a diary for a long time. The last time I wrote is "June diary" in London. At that time, I didn't want to record anything, or I knew that I had changed. Except for the specific writing topic, I no longer recorded.

I don't want to be kidnapped by my diary and be the person in the diary. And, look forward, not backward.

Until now, I have broken through many of the essential limitations of personality, such as keep unfinished things, evasion, cowardice, and having nothing to do with myself. In the end, I didn't need to pick up it individually to correct it; I stand up the line with my heart, my mind and body, to place myself on the correct line without doubts and feeling tremble. Keep breathing and feel the body is stable..




I rethought the reason why is so bad my relationship with painting this year, as the relationship with my family. There is a massive gap before understanding. I did feel sad for the situation, unfortunate in devoted strength. Now I look at the painting and feel strange. I talk to myself “you never express yourself in the way of painting. Why do you think it has a connection with you?”

That’s right.

And now, I have a link to the screen in front of me (computer screen).




A very rational person

And an unreasonable person

Hiding behind a gentle mask

I feel that after walking down these layers, I no longer care about myself so that I thrilled the beauty of "self", "abstract existence", "simpleness", and "intuition", which is very close to art for me.




我覺得走下這幾層後,不再關心自己,我才能感覺thrilled 「自己」、「抽象存在」、「單純」、「直覺」的美,這對我來說是很接近藝術的行為。