ours (2019)

(1) Thoughts too fast

I don't know if you like this. The second change is swift, and the thoughts change as well. If I could be a kind person I should stop, unless I get something from the world with goodwill filled my mind and body. He said that it is also possible I would never get that.

(2) Input the idea into other's head

But I am terrible for him. In the later period, I made a lot of attacks on his spirit. I do know these ideas will be implanted in his head, these messages into his fragile mind.

[Now I am awake, now I am asleep]

With a blank state, I feel that there is a white line tied to the five fingers. The end of the line is something I care. My work is my child. I have to make sure that they follow each step. Art, isn't it the word relationship? My line is related.

Then I was not interested in the emotions of all kinds of people this time. Very, boring, I don't want to play, no one wants to be the weakest and youngest, but no one cares, here is a drop, there is a drop, a person who is neither comfortable nor successful;

It is better to say meaningless words in a dull and gloomy state, and we will restore order together.

The things you said are too abstract; it is better to do something together.